Our Policies


PaTruckTags.com makes every effort to provide a smooth and error free transaction.  Our specially designed systems were developed to provide our customers with maximum efficiency and consistency during your document preparation.   

PaTruckTags.com dedication to efficiency means a quicker transaction for you.  We ask you a bunch of questions and develop your paperwork based on your needs.  Most transactions are completed in under 30 minutes from start to finish.

PaTruckTags.com focuses on consistency.  Consistency in your paperwork reduces errors.  We aim to do everything the same way everytime.  The ideal situation is to make sure all entities have your name registered the same way, your trucks are listed and numbered in a clear pattern, your address is identified the same way on all documents, and all titles have the same name and address.  This is just an example of the level of consistency we strive for.  Not all circumstances are the same and this goal may not always be possible.

PaTruckTags.com works with a number of different entities (Penndot, PUC, the post office, IRS...) to register your vehicles and make sure you are compliant.  We can only take responsibility for the quality of OUR work.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the quality of work produced by the entities we submit our work to.  Once your documents leave our hands, we have to trust that these agencies will handle your transaction with the same level of care.

PaTruckTags.com will make every effort to assist you through the process if there are errors or rejections from an outside agency.  Having worked with these agencies for over 13 years, we have developed some contacts but our experience is generally the key.  We know what questions to ask, what words to use, and what course of action to take to get the transaction processed.  We cannot waive additional state and federal fees required by these agencies to complete the paperwork.

PaTruckTags.com can only work efficiently with good communication from you.  When we contact you, we need you to make us top priority.  The documents we prepare are time sensitive and we cannot proceed without your response.  We require a phone number that we can consistently reach you at.  We also strongly encourage a regularly accessed email address.  We will not be held responsible if you do not respond to us within a timely fashion.  Any additional fees or penalties incurred due to lack of response will be your responsibility.

 PaTruckTags.com requires certain documents to process your transaction.  If we ask you for a document or identification, it is because we know the agency requires it and will reject your paperwork without it.  We will not proceed unless we have all the requested documents.

PaTruckTags.com will only process documents with complete payment and your authorization.  We can only assist you if we know about your situation.  If you have ANY questions or are unsure about something you received in the mail - CALL US.  Questions cost nothing.

PaTruckTags.com does not aim to push our services on you.  We're here if you need us.  We know how high pressure many companies can be in this industry when they are trying to get your business.  You have our phone number and our website...we are never more than a phone call or email away.

PaTruckTags.com understands that you are trying to save money at every turn.  We see first hand the high cost of being in the trucking industry.  We aim to keep our prices reasonable but we have no control over the state and federal fees you are required to pay.  What we can do is show you how to get the most for your money.  Also keep in mind, while you may think you have everything covered, it may be best to let someone else handle the paperwork so you can focus on all of your other responsibilities.  The money you spend in fines and penalties could have been spent better elsewhere and saved you a lot of headaches.

PaTruckTags.com does not spam.  We don't like it.  We don't do it.  We ask you for your email only to provide you with information relevant to your transaction.  We may also send you reminders regarding upcoming deadlines.

PaTruckTags.com sends our completed documents via registered mail.  Using this method, we can track your package all the way to you.  Want status?  Call or email us and we will provide you with a tracking number.