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What is a PUC Number?

A PUC Number is the number provided by the Public Utility Commission of Pennsylvania for commercial carriers of property, excluding household goods, when providing transportation between points in PA. The simple answer is YES, unless you can guarantee you will only carry property over state lines. As a non-IFTA registrant, you should have a PUC Number since all your business is conducted inside PA state borders. The PUC requires an annual filing that may assess a fee of under 1% on gross sales of all business conducted between locations in PA depending on your business type. Applications are processed approximately 90 days from date of initial filing.
can assist with your application.


During the process of filing your PUC application, we do the following:

  • copy and retain copies of all filed documents.
  • track the initial filing application.
  • verify insurance information.
  • check periodically with PUC on the progress of the application.
  • retain copies of the completed application for future reference.

As with any government agency, it can be difficult to contact the proper individuals if there are questions. We maintain a log of our contact with the PUC to assure consistent answers from the agency and assist the application process.

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