How do I replace my cab cards?

Registration stickers fall off plates. Cab cards get lost. Plates get damaged and stolen. As unfair as it may seem, you can be fined for things that may not be your fault. You are responsible for making sure all your credentials are valid and available. Unfortunately, many times you don't notice these things until you get pulled over. can complete the application and provide you with temporary credentials while your application is being processed.

Things to Remember

  • Periodically check that your cab card is readily available in case you do get stopped by law enforcement. Damaged or altered credentials may be considered invalid and you will be subject to penalties and fines.
  • Periodically check your plate for damage and a valid expiration decal is affixed to the plate.
  • Always double check your credentials when you receive them. Make sure your VIN number matches the VIN plate exactly, no numbers have been transposed, and letters and numbers have not been switched.
  • Always verify that the plate number on your cab card matches the plate on the vehicle.