Other Services

PaTruckTags.com can assist you with a variety of situations in addition to the menu options we highlight on the main pages. You, as the business owner and vehicle operator, are ultimately responsible for staying in compliance. PaTruckTags.com is here to lighten the load and make your job a little easier.

  • IRP Rejection Assistance
    You filed your own application, the service that was assisting you with your application is no longer available or your paperwork got lost in the mail on its way back to you...whatever the circumstances, you need to get it fixed. PaTruckTags.com can help you with application rejections and lost paperwork.
  • Registered weight adjustments
    There are certain situations where you may need to change your vehicle weight. For instance, vehicles under 55,000 do not need a 2290, so you may be able to save yourself some money if it's only a matter of a few pounds. PaTruckTags.com can file the appropriate documents to make these changes.
  • Title Corrections
    Mistakes happen. Typos can occur or an application can be misinterpreted as it is processed. Regardless of fault, these mistakes can cause you problems in the future and need to be corrected as quickly as possible. PennDot's stance is that you are ultimately responsible for making sure all your information is accurate and correct. Your first step is to make an attempt to contact the service or dealership that originally filed your application to assist you with getting the error corrected. PaTruckTags.com can help if working with the original service is not an option.
  • Title Request from Lienholder
    Lienholders are very hesitant to give a secure title directly to the owner because of the potential liability involved. You will usually have to provide them with the information of a titling service so they can be assured their interest is protected while title work is being processed. PaTruckTags.com can contact your lienholder and receive your title for processing.
  • Other Plates
  •      Permanent Trailer
         If you plan on keeping your trailer for more than five years, these plates are the best option.
         These plates are not transferrable.
  •      Regular Trailer
         If you cannot guarantee that you will be keeping your vehicle for more than five years,
         regular trailer plates may be your best choice. They are subject to annual renewal
         but at the time of your first renewal, the five year option will be available on the application.
         These plates are transferrable.
  •      Special Mobile Equipment
         Examples include backhoes, street sweepers, and front end loaders.
  • Driver Histories
  • Criminal Background Reports

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