What is an Employer Identification Number?

Your Employer ID Number is basically your social security number for you as a business person. An EIN is required by IRS so you may file your 2290 Heavy Highway Use Tax Payment. Your EIN is also necessary when you file your IFTA quarterly reports and register your truck. Many individuals have used their personal Social Security Numbers to file these payments. Once you file these documents, your social security number becomes more readily available to the general public. By obtaining an Employer Identification Number, you no longer use your SSN when you provide information pertaining to your business.

Keep Your personal identity safe and get an employer identification number.


Filing for an EIN should be simple...right?

Did you know...

  • If you have a problem with NY HUT filings, you may have to provide proof of your CP-575.
    We know what this document is and we keep it on file for easy access.
  • The IRS is currently looking to reduce expenses and identification theft. They will no longer send out preprinted 2290s for renewal. Computers match the information character by character and if it doesn't match exactly, you may receive notifications from the IRS saying you owe penalties.
    Do you know how you originally filed your EIN name?
  • There are certain formats that should be followed when filing your name. This is important when it comes to consistency because you are now identified by your business name in all business transactions.
    We can assist you with these details.

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